• free & secure coat check - we dont have lockers but your valuables are safe at our guarded coat check.
    we recommend you leave your valuables here but keep some cash on you to pay for drinks at the bar. (we provide small plastic bags to put your cash or passes in your sock)
  • free condoms - there are free condoms and lube ("wet stuff", water-based) throughout the entire club.
  • private cabins - church has 5 private cabins, stocked with condoms, lube and paper. two of these have slings.
  • dark room - church has a big dark room, stocked with condoms, lube and paper. there is also a sling.
  • slurp station - we have a 5 man glory hole wall for a night of blowing bliss
  • slings - we have 4 slings, 2 in cabins and 2 in public space.
  • douche areas (spoelruimtes) - church has 4 toilet cabins with douche taps (spoelkranen).
    you can purchase disposable douche hoses (spoelslangen) at the coat check for € 3. these douche hoses can be attached to the taps, which supply warm water.
    you can save and re-use your douche hose every time you visit church, but we strongly recommend you dont share them with others
  • showers - we have 2 showers to use for free. we rent small towels for € 3.
  • we accept - cash, pin and credit card payments.
  • 10 visit card - a 10 visit card is available for € 85!