take me to chUrch, amsterdam’s premier cruise club since 2008!

chUrch is not just a gay cruise club, it is also a safe and sexy space for many marginalized (sexual) groups, transcending the traditional boundaries of fetish subculture.
we currently host more than 15 different themes parties catering to a wide range of fetishes. as well we are home to a drag family, to transgender people, to queers and freaks, to straights, to bdsm’ers, to locals and visitors.

church makes the fetish subculture relevant to the wider (lgbtqi) community by letting its voice be heard on issues such as hiv and stigma, prep, drug education, gender acceptance, homophobia, queer visibility, street culture, migrants and sex workers.

in the age of social media and grindr, the popularity of chUrch shows that people still need to gather to see, hear, smell and touch each other in uncensored public spaces.
so come to our house of worship, services are held everyday from wednesday till sunday!