djs bramsterdam & big general

Style of music?

We play the style that suits the party we play at: from driving tech house to raging piano's and proper house.

Why do you like to play at Church?

Church is a home for many different people. That allows us to play different music at times, as well.
By doing so, we can be very diverse in the kind of mood or atmosphere we try to create while DJing.
It's a very fun way of exploring the many styles of house music and let people experience that!

What is the vibe you like to create for your audience?

We try to create a journey of some sort.
We're the kind of DJ's that really try to blend the different records together into one enjoyable set.
We don't always play the popular, chart-topping records but play the music that is good, and sometimes unknown. It keeps the sets we play fresh and surprising.