undercover, blue, twinks

dj benjamin

Style of music?

For Blue more uplifting, some funky and new disco house with strong vocals.
Friday night i love to play more Iberican Tribal House.
Sunday is more Progressive and Deep House.
At Undercover or twinks party i play more like a mix between electro and tech-house.

Why do you like to play at Church?

There is also this freedom we only find in Amsterdam with some respect of each other differences in sexuality, church is an example of respect and freedom a club for every one.
Church fast became one of the best gay club in amsterdam where world travelers meet and have fun.

What is the vibe you like to create for your audience?

Sometimes you like to create a real cruising vibe in the club and slow down the beats and go to more deep and dirty underground music, music that you can dance on but also listen to!
As a dj you like to see the hands up on the dance floor and high energy driving through the night and your mix to create a perfect vibe from warming up the night to the very last hours.