11 november


club church invites berlin-based porn agitators pornceptual to a night about the power of positive exploration, the discovery of your true self and the transformational power of a pornified mind.

it uses pornography to teach you how to be comfortable with your desires, how to love yourself while creating a safe space for you to explore your deepest fantasies.

embrace the desires once buried deep within.

dress code:

  • latex, leather, lace
  • underwear/half-naked
  • erotic/fetish outerwear

door policy:

  • all genders & sexualities are welcome
  • we have an "ask but don't touch policy". being naked and sexy does not permit you to touch without asking.
  • all identities and boundaries are self-defined. all sex and sexual acts are consensual and violators will have to leave the party.
  • no sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or body shaming will be tolerated.

pre-sale via gaygoticets.com

those who tickle your ears: dj the mountain, jamaica suk & projekt gestalten

see also facebook

22:00 - late
fully dressed: € 15,00
half naked/theme related: € 12,50
naked: € 10,00

gaygotickets.com pre-sale: