31 december

hoerenbal - hookers ball

u might get laid but u won't get paid!

31 december - sailors & hookers

we sail away into the new year with a bunch of sexy sailors and hookers during new year's eve! say goodbye to your loved ones at the docks and arrive in a magical place called "2018" where its hot and cool at the same time.

dress code/looks (not mandatory but appreciated): sailor, whale, mermaid, captain, navy, hooker, speed 2 guy, dick cadet, chief engineer, octopus, pirate etc etc

djs bo monde, bramsterdam & big general, rado, moog and rw

check facebook for latest info

22:00 - late
all genders & sexualities welcome
€ 25 pre-sale (sold out) / € 30 at door

Note: if you don't have pre-sale tickets, we will release the
last 50 tickets at the door at 22:00 (10pm)!

gaygotickets.com pre-sale: